JMA Show – Gelior debut in Asia

JMA Hong Kong show was a debut event for Gelior: it was the first time when we met with the potential users of our jewelry marketplace and presented them the platform.

It was great to talk to people with a long history in the jewelry industry. They shared their thoughts about our platform and they gave new ideas on how to develop it further.

We gained valuable knowledge about the Asian jewelry market as well, which is slightly different than the European or American market. While jewelry e-commerce is booming in the western countries, Asian companies are mainly using local social media (e.g. WeChat) for selling online.

Our main conclusion was that Asian companies could greatly benefit from using the Gelior platform when creating overseas partnerships (B2B) and to reach out to the overseas buyers directly (B2C).

We hope to be back to this show next year and widen our network with more Asian companies!


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