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The concept

About Gelior

Gelior is a marketplace platform for anyone interested in jewelry – whether they are buyers, sellers, manufacturers or supplier. The jewelry industry is very fragmented currently and tracking orders – especially for custom jewelry – is a tedious and painful process. We resolve this issue by automating both regular and custom orders, managing the different companies involved and reducing the custom manufacturing process to mere clicks of a button.

The marketplace provides a standardized platform for jewelry suppliers, manufacturers, retailers. wholesalers, and customers to interact, exchange goods and services and to exchange value. This platform solves the major issues in the jewelry industry, by:

providing a means to quickly and efficiently find, validate and contract jewelry companies or professionals, and retrieve information about services provided, products supplied and their quality levels.

allowing market players to correctly configure, price, sell and pay for products and services by using a common product attribute structure, a dynamic pricing system, and automated smart contracts for exchanging value. This will bring order to the current chaos of the jewelry industry.

allowing market players to target exact market segments by correctly identifying and categorizing market players and their needs (thereby connecting sellers and buyers).

allowing sellers of luxury goods to provide irrefutable proof of origin and a chain of ownership of components (such as diamonds), as well as proof of authenticity of luxury goods by employing a product authentication and tracking system.

promoting overall market growth by providing means for financing new product lines and ideas.

The Why

Gelior Mission

Our missions is Make jewelry, anywhere – the idea being that you can come up with an idea for a piece of jewelry, put it on a napkin, take a picture and upload it to Gelior, select a trusted manufacturer and submit the order – then the finished product will show up at your doorstep a few days later. All transparently, without any extra effort. And since all our members are part of a trusted and verified network, you can be assured that your orders will be properly taken care of. Add to this our global membership of suppliers and manufacturers, and you can be assured that whatever you have in mind, someone can make it according to your needs – price, quality, and time-wise.

Ready to enter to the world of jewelry?

Are you a jewelry buyer, seller, manufacturer, diamond dealer or equipment supplier? Then you belong to the world of jewelry, you belong to Gelior Marketplace. Be a member of a trusted jewelry network where you always get the best price, quality and irrefutable proof of origin and a chain of ownership!
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