Connections and trust

Gelior Marketplace connects all parts of the jewelry industry via a managed platform – suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers and consumers. Yet, this is not the only benefit that Gelior aims to provide, rather this platform solves multiple issues of the current jewelry marketplace.

  • provides full transparency
  • ensures irrefutable tracking of items and materials
  • provides quality control means that cannot be falsified
  • allows trusted transactions via electronic smart contracts
  • ensures reliable tracking of goods from their source to their destination
  • ensures reliable means for responsibly and sustainably sourcing materials
  • creates trusted environment via feedback loops

Being a member of a trusted network
and jewelry marketplace

Let electronic smart contracts drive your transactions

Jewelry companies can create and automate their supply chain by creating electronic contracts and transacting with each other.

We connect you with other sales platforms too

Gelior allows for setting up web shops quickly and efficiently and linking to production ERPs or inventory systems via the Gelior API. All this provides for more transparency and ease of use by automating the movement of data related to goods and services between transacting parties, along the entire length of the supply chain.

Reliable tracking of goods from source to destination

Through advanced technology, Gelior provides a reliable means of tracking goods from their source to their destination, no matter how many times they change hands.

Sourcing materials responsibly and sustainably

Gelior provides a reliable means for responsibly and sustainably sourcing materials, in a trusted and verifiable environment where everyone contributes to the reliability of the platform without jeopardizing the privacy of transacting members.

Fair feedbacks with automated validation process

Contracts also have feedback loops so that both buyers and sellers can rate each other – the rating is then automatically compared to the contract criteria and attributes to make sure that the feedback is accurate and valid. Gelior staff is also responsible for making sure that the platform maintains its trusted status by following up on flagged reviews or suspicious behavior.

The ease of automatic contract fulfillment

All contracts have a set of criteria and attributes that need to be fulfilled – once fulfilled, the contract is automatically closed.

The right place to buy or sell products and offer services

Suppliers can list their products and services on Gelior for other companies or consumers to find. Interested parties can either buy directly or enter into a contract for the delivery of goods and services.

The pleasure of doing business in a trusted environment

The feedback and comments can be shared by members. It's a good way of building a good reputation. This also creates a trusted environment where all members can trust the validity of the feedbacks and track down “bad” players in the supply chain, effectively creating a self-policing environment where good behavior is rewarded and bad behavior is punished.

Ready to enter the world of jewelry?

Are you a jewelry buyer, seller, manufacturer, diamond dealer or equipment supplier? Then you belong to the world of jewelry, you belong to Gelior Marketplace. Be a member of a trusted jewelry network where you always get the best price, quality and irrefutable proof of origin and a chain of ownership!
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