Gelior Online Conference – Registration

The COVID-19 global pandemic has rewritten the plans of the Gelior team just like for many other players in the jewelry industry. We were planning to host a special event during the JA New York show: a conference which aimed to introduce our marketplace.

As more and more people are forced to stay home and fulfill everyday tasks using the Internet, we decided to redesign the event and convert it into an online conference (November 5th, 2020 – 2 pm EST).

Gelior Marketplace – online conference

Thursday, November 5, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM EST

Main topics which will be addressed:

  • the technology behind the Gelior platform
  • how different jewelry companies and other industry players can use the platform and benefit by using it
  • what advantages will Gelior memberships offer
  • future plans regarding the evolution of Gelior


Please note that this conference is limited to 100 seats and participation is subject to registration. The Gelior team reserves the right to accept only the qualified registrants. Our qualification guideline is simple: you must be part of an organization that is connected to the jewelry industry.

Register here

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