Gelior is a platform that connects the jewelry industry – it provides a trusted environment in which jewelers can collaborate, customize and sell their products and services to each other and directly to consumers. Consumers can engage directly with jewelers to get their jewelry ideas turned into reality, while Gelior manages the complexities of the manufacturing process.

Our members can create automated smart contracts with other members, whether they are individuals or companies. Once the contracts are established, orders can be automatically routed along the contract chain to other members, until all of the order's components are fulfilled. So you can order a finished engagement ring, and the system will find suppliers (casters, stone setters, polishers) and route the order to them until every part is taken care of and you will get the finished piece dropshipped to your door. No more need for supply chain management – Gelior connects all the dots for you.

All Gelior members are independently verified to be individuals and companies who can deliver on their promises – whether they are buyers or sellers. Credentials of these verified industry players are publicly available on our platform, as well as feedback from their customers and partners – this brings transparency to the otherwise opaque world of jewelry.

If you wish to buy or sell

Connect directly with buyers and sellers

Find anyone selling your favorite jewelry and find anyone who loves your products! Or find someone who can make the custom jewelry you have in mind, submit the order quickly and get the finished product, within days. #selling
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If you wish to deal with partners

Find trusted partners and suppliers

All Gelior members are verified to be trustworthy members of the jewelry industry. You can set up smart contracts that have service level agreements attached, to make sure you are covered when placing orders with other companies. You can also track the status of your orders through the supply chain and make sure you know about any issues as they arise. #partnerships
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If you wish to offer your services

Offer your products and services

You can set up a detailed profile for yourself or your company, with a catalog of services, products, production capabilities, and many other relevant attributes. Then you can accept contracts and sell to other Gelior members or consumers. #services
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8 solid reasons for doing business
through Gelior platform

Do everything you do at a regular tradeshow, but it’s now all faster and more convenient.
Online marketplace and network
Save thousands of dollars on booth fee and traveling. You'll find everything here, for 365 days a year.
Saving time and costs
Finding quality business partners is not risky anymore. Our platform filters out the unethical players.
Quality assurance - automated.
Combining B2B and B2C sales transactions, with independent quality control.
Maximum transparency and fair business
Integrating your ERP system with the Gelior by using our new communication protocol (JMCP) designed for the jewelry industry and our GraphQL based open API
Seamless communication among IT systems
Imagine an online platform that opens 5-6 other sales channels for your business.
Omnichannel marketing and selling.
Finding and working with local and global partners, building a quality network.
Working locally, selling globally. Or vice versa.
Offer your services to other jewelry companies and prove them you are the best partner.
Show the world your expertise.

A transparent jewelry marketplace for everyone

I'm a wholesaler

Find suppliers and manufacturers you can trust and contract them for large scale manufacturing of your product line while getting finished products dropshipped to your retail clients.

I'm a diamond dealer

Post your selection of diamonds to our marketplace and expand your reach to our global manufacturing and retail members.

I'm a tool and equipment supplier

Make sure your customer have direct access to your inventory and allow our member manufacturers to order from you directly with a click of a button.

I'm a retailer

Find local manufacturers who can take on custom orders and deliver the finished products within days instead of weeks.

I'm a jewelry designer

Accept design orders online and communicate directly with the consumer to get their custom jewelry designed – and provide them with the CAD file and design specs, all online!

I offer casting services

Casting is an integral part of jewelry manufacturing – list your casting services to start getting online orders from retailers, designers, 3D printers and other members.

I'm a manufacturer

Post your services and find new clients locally or globally – leverage the trust built into our platform!

I offer jewelry services

List your services and training so that our member manufacturers, retailers, and consumers can get in touch with you and hire you for a custom job or long-term employment.

I offer 3D printing services

Do you have one or more 3D printers? List them as resources and accept online printing orders from consumers or other members like jewelry designers or retailers.

Multi-channel connection

Discover new sales opportunities, maximize your revenue stream

Become a member

Sign up to become a Gelior member, create a profile and start transacting with other members, whether you are looking to grow your consumer base or you need help with a specific project. Start building your network of suppliers and service providers and grow your business in a trusted environment.

Become a supplier

If you are a materials, finished goods or equipment supplier, Gelior offers you access to all of our members – so sign up and start selling. Then keep track of your sales to make sure all the members who bought your supplies from you or from other members are happy with your products – as that’s the surest way to grow your business.

Become a service provider

Are you providing services as an individual jeweler or as a company? You can find companies or other members interested in what you have to offer. All you need to do is to create a Gelior profile and you can post your service listing for other members to find you and offer you gigs, projects or employment. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

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Ready to enter the world of jewelry?

Are you a jewelry buyer, seller, manufacturer, diamond dealer or equipment supplier? Then you belong to the world of jewelry, you belong to Gelior Marketplace. Be a member of a trusted jewelry network where you always get the best price, quality, irrefutable proof of origin and a chain of ownership!